We present Vouchers to be used for services in OpenArt Studio!


We offer Vouchers for services in OpenArt Studio for yourself or for someone as a gift!

You can purchase vouchers for PLN or if you have JKCOIN loyalty points, you can exchange them for Vouchers as one of the rewards in the TokenBack loyalty program.

The number of individual Vouchers is limited!

BRONZE Voucher = Purchase cost 2,25 USD / 100 JKCOIN* / NFT**
SILVER Voucher = Purchase cost 4,75 USD / 200 JKCOIN * / NFT**
GOLD Voucher = Purchase cost 11 USD / 500 JKCOIN * / NFT**
PLATINUM Voucher = Purchase cost 22 USD / 1000 JKCOIN * / NFT**

* Receiving a reward for JKCOIN tokens
As part of the TokenBack loyalty program, you can collect an OpenArt Studio Voucher as a reward for the appropriate number of JKCOIN tokens. The prize catalog can be found here. After making the payment of the tokens, you should receive your Voucher from me within 24-48 hours from the date of placing the order.

** NFT (non-fungible token) or Non-Replaceable Token
It is a type of digital token that represents a unique asset. These can be fully digital assets or tokenized versions of real assets. Since NFTs are not interchangeable, they act as proof of authenticity and ownership in the digital realm.